"Made in uvex"
The innovative products and services for the world market are produced in the company's own plants, many of them in Germany and Europe (production sites worldwide). The entire value-added chain is thus in our own hands - from the product idea and development, through production, to sales. This not only enables the uvex group to act particularly quickly and flexibly, but also to guarantee the high quality standards of its products through its own manufacturing expertise.

In order to reduce its ecological footprint, the uvex group regularly carries out sustainability activities at its production facilities around the world. In the 2018/19 financial year, the following measures were taken at these plants:

uvex safety Cagi, Ceva
  • PUR Waste Offensive – project to recycle and cut polyurethane waste
  • Optimisation of transportation routes between production sites and warehouses
  • Lighting change to energy saving LED lights
  • Introduction of eco-power from 1 August 2018
uvex safety gloves, Lüneburg
  • Adaptation of the drying tunnel
  • Extra shifts enable more effective capacity utilisation
  • Lighting change to energy saving LED lights in the workshop
    uvex Arbeitsschutz, Fürth
    • Construction of a new recycling centre in preparation for introduction of DIN EN ISO 14001
    • Replacement of lighting in final assembly
    • Installation of innovative flood cells for coating lenses
    • Replacement of thermally curing coatings with UV coatings
    BSA, Obernzell
    • Installation of plate heat exchangers in the feed water line of both steam generators which saves approximately 750 kWh per day and 33.4 tonnes of CO2 per year. The temperature of the well water is 15-17 °C. The heat exchangers use the waste heat produced by the machines to pre-heat this water to 37-40 °C. The water must be heat treated to 103 °C to make the foam in the helmets. As a result, the saving relates to the unnecessary heating from approximately 15 °C to around 40 °C. Conversion to central vacuum system for milling.
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