Bonus/penalty system for company cars
Within the context of the bonus/penalty system for company cars, a neutral corridor of 110 to 120 grams CO2 in accordance with manufacturer specifications has been in force for the uvex group since 1 January 2017, within which neither a bonus nor a penalty has been incurred for additional payments for company cars. The bonus/penalty system has created an incentive to choose more environmentally-friendly vehicle configurations. Since 1 September 2017, a new measurement method for determining exhaust emissions has been introduced across the EU (the WLTP). As a result of this new, more realistic testing method, there has been an inevitable and significant increase in CO2 values of up to 30%. For reasons of sustainability, despite this rise, the bonus/penalty corridor has not been increased and has instead remained unchanged. The special provision for vans also continues to apply in the amount of 139 grams.

Focus on fuel consumption and the resulting CO2 emissions
From August 2019, there will be an even greater focus on fuel consumption and the resulting CO2 emissions with the introduction of the updated Auto Directive. Vehicles requiring more fuel (four-wheel drive, SUV, more powerful engines) will inevitably lead to a significantly higher private surcharge or to the abandonment of certain features. Using an overview with a traffic light system demonstrates to people expressing interest in a new car the positive impact on sustainability through low fuel consumption and the resulting cost advantages or disadvantages.

Promoting alternative transport
If the budget is not completely spent (balance for the surcharge amount), the vehicle user can request an annual public transport pass or a rail card to promote alternative transport. With this transport offer, the uvex group aims to achieve a reduction in annual mileage and to provide environmentally friendly alternatives to private transport.

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