"Made in uvex"
The innovative products and services for the world market are produced in the company's own plants, many of them in Germany and Europe (production sites worldwide). The entire value-added chain is thus in our own hands - from the product idea and development, through production, to sales. This not only enables the uvex group to act particularly quickly and flexibly, but also to guarantee the high quality standards of its products through its own manufacturing expertise.

In order to reduce its ecological footprint, the uvex group regularly carries out sustainability activities at its production facilities around the world. In the 2018/19 financial year, the following measures were taken at these plants:

uvex safety Cagi, Ceva
  • Optimisation of container locks in the warehouse leads to reduction in heating energy
  • Switchover to biogas since 1 August 2019
  • Reduced waste volume by changing raw material deliveries to tank trucks rather than IBC containers
uvex safety gloves, Lüneburg
  • Installation of an energy recovery system for wastewater at Plant 56
  • Reduction of production quantities using older systems
  • Single-origin classification of waste for recycling
    uvex Arbeitsschutz, Fürth
    • Switch to LED lamps for lighting
    • Energy-intensive coating (optidur) line being phased-out
    • New energy-efficient injection-moulding machine for flood cell 12
    • Optimisation of the lacquer system and coating processes
    • Installation of an energy-efficient free-cooling system (saving a total of 233,000 kWh per year)
    • All injection-moulding machines fitted with measuring devices to identify process optimisation measures
    BSA, Obernzell
    • Heat recovery project in operation since December, additional support from gas heating now no longer required (does not apply to newly acquired office space).
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