Central Optidur line replaced by innovative flood cells

In December 2019, the central Optidur line for the coating of eyewear lenses was fully replaced by innovative flood cells. This saves energy and coating as well as generating improved performance of the coating process. The shorter set-up times enable operators to switch between different models and coating systems more rapidly, while also offering a substantial improvement in the quality of coatings that can be achieved. Moreover, the energy consumption of the new flood cells is lower than that of Optidur, yet output is better and variability is higher. Indeed, through the use of the new flood cells, almost 44,000 kWh energy can be saved, which is the equivalent of the average yearly consumption of eleven four-person households. Solvent use is also reduced.

Installation of an adiabatic free-cooling system

For safety eyewear production processes, the injection-moulding machines must be kept cool constantly. By wetting the cooler surface with water, the free-cooling system can function in external temperatures of up to 32°C. Above this temperature, energy-intensive compression refrigeration is required. Noise is an important issue for the company, as there is a housing development located nearby. With the latest ventilator technology, using a little more water and a lower fan speed at night, the noise produced by the plant can be kept below the legal limit. The installation of the free-cooling system means that in the future, a total of 233,000 kWh per year will be saved in the cooling of all injection-moulding machines. This corresponds to the average annual consumption of 58 4-person households.

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