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Company health management

The uvex group’s health management comprises a wide range of health promotion measures. The health steering group is establishing a systematic health management system for the uvex group, the aim of which is to create health benefits in the area of work and organisation. For example, in the area of company health promotion, there are numerous internal staff sports groups that meet regularly (e.g. uvex running group and uvex football team). Taster courses such as archery are also offered to employees and prove very popular.

Campaigns in the 2017/18 financial year

  • uvex health days: Employees were able to find out about a wide range of health themes, in areas such as occupational safety, exercise, relaxation and prevention – all in line with the company’s mission of protecting people
  • Courses: Fasciae & mobility workout // EMS training // business massage

From the sites in Fürth and Nyrsko, 69 employees took part in the Fürth corporate race and 46 employees in B2Run in the last financial year.

New trainee positions

Be it an internship, work-study programme or traditional training – an employee’s start to their professional life at the uvex group is varied, exciting and educational.
In the last financial year, the uvex group added the following positions to the range of trainee positions on offer:

  • Optician training
  • Industrial mechanic training
  • Operating technology electrician training and
  • Student on business IT work-study programme


With eLearning, the uvex group is gearing itself up digitally in the area of sustainable knowledge transfer. As a result, learning at uvex can be carried out at any time and in any place and can be performed on a mobile basis. Every employee sets his or her own pace of learning. The uvex group is not replacing any training seminars with eLearning, and is instead supplementing its wide portfolio of training opportunities. As a result, staff development measures can be arranged on an improved and more intensive basis in the long term. Knowledge transfer takes place online via webinars, videos and web-based training (multimedia tutorials with interactive elements, animations, videos, tasks and performance reviews). uvex eLearning is available to all employees worldwide.

Collaboration experts

Launched in the 2016/17 financial year, the uvex group developed the successful model aimed at digital collaboration in the past financial year. Collaboration Experts form the interface between IT and users within the uvex group when it comes to the introduction and use of new digital working methods and tools. They receive feedback, making them valuable sources of ideas with regard to configuring digital communication platforms within the family company in a future-proof and user-friendly way. The 70 or so Collaboration Experts from the previous year were joined by a further 22 Collaboration Experts at ALPINA Schweiz, uvex sports Austria, uvex Arbeitsschutz Schweiz, uvex safety gloves in Lüneburg, uvex safety textiles in Ellefeld, uvex sports Lederdorn, BSA in Obernzell, ALPINA in Sulzemoos and uvex sports CR in Nyrsko, Czech Republic, in the 2017/18 financial year. As a result, the uvex group has ensured sustainable and efficient communication and knowledge transfer across the uvex group’s international borders.

Employer brand

The employer brand comprises the uvex group’s service promise for current and future employees. It is characterised by the uvex group’s values and indicates to employees and potential applicants what it stands for as an employer and what makes it unique.
Activities in the 2017/18 financial year focused on the themes of social media, job advertisements, the internal “I work to protect people” campaign and the strategic realignment of recruitment. The aim of these employer marketing activities is to position the uvex group as a modern, attractive employer and to raise awareness of the family business further.

Digitalization of HR

The introduction of the digital HR file in the 2017/18 financial year was an important step towards a digital HR office. In collaboration with Boxdorfer Werkstatt in Nuremberg, each individual file was carefully scanned by the Werkstatt employees and converted into digital format. As well as huge paper and space savings, the digital HR file is distinguished in particular by the greater level of efficiency and transparency in HR file management. Unlike before, several authorised individuals can now access this sensitive data at the same time – the result of this is a qualitative and quantitative improvement to information options for employees.

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