The sustainability targets of the uvex group comprise ecology, economy, working conditions and human rights, employees and society, and product.

One task of the new CSR manager is to revise the management approach of the uvex group according to the further development of the sustainability strategy. For this purpose a number of workshops with all sub-groups take place throughout 2019.

GRI 103-2, 302-4

Economic Sustainability
  • Internationalisation of business areas
  • Growth of the market position in the USA
  • Expansion and modernisation of uvex's own production facilities
  • Various digitalisation initiatives to safeguard the future of the uvex group
  • Reduction in energy consumption amounting to 6.5% in relation to energy metrics (based on financial year 2016/17) by the end of financial year 2019/20 as part of measures linked to DIN EN ISO 50001
  • Secure supply of carbon-neutral energy and gas for energy procurement
  • Alternatives to energy-intensive production processes
  • Optimisation of production processes
Working conditions and human rights

Ongoing supplier monitoring by way of audits to ensure total compliance with social standards

Employees and society
  • Expansion of the uvex group’s employer brand: recruit and retain employees over the long term - particularly for target groups that are hard to fill, increase recognition of the uvex group and improve its image, motivate and retain internal employees, project younger image of the uvex group as an employer
  • Further development of digital tools such as e-learning
  • Increased use of social media for the purposes of recruiting and retaining employees
  • Rainer Winter Foundation's work to be continued by the family business over the long term
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